Majik-Fire Max

World’s most fuel-efficient rocket stove for household use

Burns dry or wet wood,
up to 28% moisture Content, or non-carbonized briquettes
ISO/IWA Tier 4
with non-carbonized Briquettes. (Tier 3 with wood)
Requires grid or solar
to power 2.5W fan
$0.08 per month
electricity consumption
USB Power Connection
Standard USB electric power suppl
Burns 60% less
Saves 3.4 tCO2e per
42% thermal efficiency
Net Promoter

Of 90

43% Thermal Efficiency.
(51.3%% with a pot skirt)

Happy Ecoa Wood User


“Since I bought a Ecoa Wood for my grandmother, she no longer coughs due to smoke. Initially, she used a three stone fireplace, and everyone would notice the smoke in her house…. Now, my grandy’s home is a no smoke zone!”

Lucy Muthoni Mbui

Kiambu, Kenya

Do you need a Majik-fire Max?

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